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NV Supreme Court

Supreme Court of Nevada Dismisses Appeal in Favor of Nevada Walker, PLLC’s Client

Kirk Nevada Walker, Esq. of Nevada Walker, PLLC represented Ray Warren Exley in the matter of Leverty & Associates Law, Chtd. v. Ray Warren Exley before the Supreme Court of Nevada. The case was brought by Appellant, Leverty & Associates Law, Chtd., and was an appeal from a contempt order against Ray Warren Exley. Appellant represented Mr. Exley as counsel in the prior proceedings and sought to enforce its attorney lien in order to receive payment for legal fees. Appellant further argued that the contempt order effectively terminated the case and served as a final judgment that could be appealed.

Kirk Nevada Walker, Esq. argued that the Supreme Court of Nevada did not have jurisdiction to entertain an appeal regarding a contempt order. He contended that NRAP3(b) enumerated the judgments and orders that may be appealed by a party. Moreover, there is no rule or statute that authorizes an appeal from an order of contempt.

After briefing by the parties, the Supreme Court of Nevada ruled in favor of Nevada Walker, PLLC’s client and determined that no statute or court rule provided for an appeal from the order that solely concerns contempt. The Supreme Court of Nevada properly concluded that it lacked jurisdiction to hear the matter and dismissed the appeal in favor of Nevada Walker, PLLC’s client Ray Warren Exley.