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Court appoints Kirk Nevada Walker, Esq. as Receiver

The Eighth Judicial District Court of Nevada has appointed Kirk Nevada Walker, Esq. as receiver in case A-15-723361-C. A court appoints a receiver to protect property controlled by a person or entity sued in a court case. The court typically recommends the appointment of a receiver in cases in which the court fears a company or an individual may dissipate or waste corporate property and assets. A receiver is a neutral third-party custodian for the property who is granted certain powers by the court. A receiver’s powers generally include taking legal control of and protecting assets, filing claims on behalf of an entity placed into a “receivership,” and, ultimately, distributing assets to defrauded investors, claimants or creditors through a court-approved plan. A receiver has a fiduciary duty to the company and the court, and typically has the discretion to marshal, manage and liquidate the receivership company’s assets, while accounting for all receipts and payments.