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Nevada Walker, PLLC secures dismissal of client for $5,000 in $4 million case

Kirk Nevada Walker, Esq. of Nevada Walker, PLLC represented its client in case no. A-17-757509-D in the matter of Paseo Verde Gibson Apts., LLC et al. v. Ovation Development Corporation. The litigation involved allegations of soil movement and defective construction that affected multiple apartment buildings in Clark County, Nevada. Repairs were made by Plaintiff to stabilize the apartments and correct the soil beneath the same. The client was a construction company responsible for compacting parts of the soils and for the construction of retaining walls at the litigated property.

Six defendants paid a total of $4,005,000.00 to settle the litigation just prior to trial. $5,000.00 was paid on behalf of Nevada Walker, LLC’s client for a dismissal with prejudice. The remaining settlements ranged from as low as $150,000.00 to as high as $1,350,000.00.