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District Court Judge Describes Briefing as “Superb”

Kirk Walker of Nevada Walker, PLLC, represented a client at an evidentiary hearing in the matter of case A-14-701524-C in Clark County, Nevada. Mr. Walker sought to recover monies owed to his client from Anniversary Mining Claims, LLC. At the conclusion of the evidentiary hearing, Mr. Walker was successful in obtaining all of the damages his client requested in addition to attorney fees his client incurred.

Counsel for Anniversary Mining Claims, LLC, filed a Motion to Reconsider/and or Set Aside Judgment, which was thoroughly briefed by both parties. In the Court’s Order, the judge vehemently stated that “the briefing by Kirk Nevada Walker, Esq. in its pleadings was ‘superb’ “ and denied Anniversary Mining Claims, LLC’s Motion to Reconsider/and or Set Aside Judgment.